Based on The Climate Risk Landscape 2023 Report

This course is designed for risk professionals and consultants operating in the financial sector. In a time efficient way, course offers essential insights into climate risk tools, analysis, and processes, equipping participants to understand and manage climate-related challenges.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand climate risk assessment tools for financial institutions.

  • Recognize metric compatibility challenges in climate tools.

  • Differentiate levels of analysis in climate scenario assessments.

  • Apply tools to meet regulatory ESG and climate requirements.

  • Customize tools for strategic planning and business intelligence.

Course curriculum

    1. Course overview

    2. Disclaimer

    3. Before we begin

    4. Part 1 - Physical and Transition Risk Workflows

    5. Quiz - Part 1

    6. Part 2 - Compatibility in Tool Metrics

    7. Quiz - Part 2

    8. Part 3 - Differing Levels of Analysis

    9. Quiz - Part 3

    10. Quiz - Part 4

    11. Part 4 - Using Tools for Regulatory Alignment

    12. Part 5 - Customising Tools and Using Outputs

    13. Quiz - Part 5

    14. Final Assessment

    15. Share your input and thoughts. Your answers will remain confidential.

About this course

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Head of Climate Risk at UNEP FI David Carlin

David Carlin leads the TCFD and climate risk program for UNEP- Finance Initiative. He currently is running a pilot for nearly 50 global banks and investors on topics of climate scenarios, climate risk assessments, and climate governance. He is also a contributor to Forbes, where he writes about climate change and leadership. Prior to joining UNEP-FI, he worked as a senior manager in Risk and Public Policy for Oliver Wyman Consulting and in Model Risk Management for PNC Bank. His background is in quantitative modeling and decision science. He conducted research in financial decision-making at Carnegie Mellon University and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Williams College.

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This course was created in collaboration with the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative.

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