Learning Outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of what is active ownership and how it can be used to drive environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact.

  • Gain an ability to set engagement goals, and how to identify relevant objective metrics to engage on.

  • Learn how to prepare and develop a complete and effective engagement plan.

  • Discover how to embed the engagement function within your organization.

  • Discover how to embed the engagement function within your organization.


Who is this course for?

This course is designed to meet the needs of investment professionals who wish to learn how their organizations can influence a positive change through shareholder engagement and active dialogue with investee companies.

Course curriculum

    1. Course Trailer & Copyright Notice

    2. About Your Instructor

    1. What is Active Ownership?

    2. Where Does Active Ownership Fit in The Responsible Investing Universe?

    1. Engagement Overview

    2. Engagement Goal & Active Ownership Policy

    3. Engagement Objective

    4. Engagement Metrics

    5. Screening for Engagement Targets

    6. Interview with Anja Seiler [Ethos Foundation]

    7. Quiz - Section 1

    1. Engagement Plan

    2. Defining Engagement Scope

    3. Milestones, and Timelines

    4. Setting Engagements KPIs

    5. Engagement Approach

    6. Interview with Simon Rawson [ShareAction]

    7. Communication Method

    8. TCI Fund Management

    9. Internal Communication & Co-ordination

    10. Interview with Frederic Bach [ESG Integration Expert]

    11. Establishing an Escalation Strategy

    12. Shareholder Proposals

    13. Shareholder Proposals by Country [as of March 2021]

    14. Interview with Jennifer Story [SHARE]

    15. Quiz - Section 2

    1. Engagement Reporting

    2. Quiz - Section 3

    1. Case: Neuberger Berman Engagement Approach

    2. Case: Massy Energy Collective Engagement

    3. Quiz - Section 4

    4. SASB ESG Integration Case Studies

About this course

  • $100.00
  • 34 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content


Senior Instructor Nawar Alsaadi, SIPC, FSA

Nawar is a sustainable investment professional with 10+ years in capital markets and corporate engagement experience. He has been involved with a number of high-profile activist campaigns with TSX and NYSE listed companies on issues pertaining to corporate governance and corporate strategy. In 2014, he founded Semper Augustus Capital, an activist investing firm with a focus on corporate governance and strategy. In 2018, he expanded his engagement focus to the full spectrum of ESG topics through the development and application of the Material Engagement concept. Nawar holds a Sustainable Investment Professional Certification from Concordia University, ESG Investing certification from the CFA institute (UK), and an FSA Credential from the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). Nawar is also a member of the Governance Professionals of Canada, and serves as an ESG Engagement expert at Amnie.org. Nawar is the author of five books, and an active contributor to the financial and sustainability press.

Course Contributors

Industry experts share their insights throughout the course

  • Anja Seiler

    Investment Stewardship Specialist @ ETHOS

  • Frederic Bach, CFA

    ESG Integration Specialist

  • Jennifer Story

    Associate Director, Climate Advocacy @ SHARE

Featured Guest

Simon Rawson

Simon is a Director of Corporate Engagement at ShareAction, a UK based organization that that promotes Responsible Investment. ShareAction aims to improve corporate behaviour on environmental, social and governance issues.

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  • How much time will I need to dedicate to complete this course?

    Course will require minimum of 2 hours to complete and can take up to 6 hours of your investment if you decide to complete all the recommended readings.

  • What does the course include?

    Course consists of 90 minutes of on demand microlearning videos, integrated quizzes, and additional reading resources. Upon completion, Certificate of Participation will be issued.

  • Is there a deadline to complete the course?

    Students have up to 2 months from the enrollment date to complete the course.

  • Do you offer group discounts?

    Yes. We offer special rates for enrollment of 5 individuals and more. We also provide course customization services to better meet specific employee training needs. Contact us at [email protected] for more details