Target Audience

  • Professionals working in the financial sector

  • Individuals curious about the role of finance in shaping a more sustainable world

Purpose of this Microcourse

  • Demonstrate how our economy is dependent on stable environment and healthy society

  • Demonstrate how ESG factors can drive financial performance.

  • Unpack concepts such as ESG, Sustainability, Materiality

  • Understand main drivers shaping the sustainable finance movement

  • Stimulate cross-department collaboration by discovering sustainability in various roles

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course learners are expected to :

  • Improve their communications when it comes to ESG and sustainability topics

  • Become equipped to better understand business commitments to sustainability

  • Gain confidence when discussing drivers of sustainability work in the financial sector

  • Achieve a better vision of potential sustainability initiatives across various teams

Initiation Training

Introductory Level

    1. 1/6 Sustainability of our Economies

    2. Test your learnings

    3. 2/6 Role of Financial Institutions

    4. Test your learnings

    5. What is the difference between Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG?

    6. 3/6 ESG and Materiality

    7. Test your learnings

    8. 4/6 Activating Sustainable Finance

    9. Why should a financial institution prioritize ESG topics?

    10. Test your learnings

    11. 5/6 Challenges and the Way Forward

    12. Test your learnings

    13. 6/6 Sustainability in Your Role

    14. Which departments do you see being at the forefront of the ESG movement?

    15. 6/6 Sustainability in Different Roles (OPTIONAL)

    16. Final Assessment

  • Language : Available in English and French
  • Approximate duration : 30 minutes
  • Format: asynchronous - 5-minute video clips, quizzes, interactive activities

Course Developed By


Chief Content Officer

Matt has been working in the sustainability world for over 20 years. He was part of the original team that started GovernanceMetrics International (now part of MSCI), where he helped develop the first iterations of current ESG analysis. Matt spent the last 17 years at CFA Institute, pioneering ESG research and thought leadership, with an increasing focus on climate change, natural capital and degrowth. His report, “Climate Change Analysis in the Investment Process”, was named best global ESG paper by Savvy investor in 2020. Matt’s podcast “The Sustainability Story” has been named one of the top podcasts about corporate social responsibility. The podcast featured intimate conversations with thought leaders from the world of ESG integration and sustainability. Matt is currently a Director at RISE Sustainability Investment Consulting, and Chief Content officer at ED4S.


Content Reviewer

Clarisse has specialized in responsible investment for over 10 years, with both executive and non-executive experience. She worked for asset owners, managers and universities across Europe, the Americas and Asia. Clarisse is a member of the S&P’s Global Sustainable Finance Scientific Council and UK’s Prosperity Fund’s Brazil Green Finance Committee.  Academic advisor of the CFA’s ESG Investing certification and supports academic programming for the University of Cambridge and ESSEC Paris-Singapore.


Course Architect and Reviewer

Maria has worked in the investments and corporate finance industry for over a decade. With experience in portfolio management, private equity, corporate treasury and management reporting, she applies a multidisciplinary lens to the sustainability driven projects. Since 2018, she has been working with financial institutions globally providing innovative technology driven solutions to accelerate sustainability work. Maria holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Finance from John Molson School of Business, Concordia University. She is a CFA Charterholder, and SASB FSA Credential holder. Maria is an accredited instructor at the London Institute of Banking & Finance, adjunct professor at the UQAM University, member of CFA Montreal’s ESG committee, and advisor for Clear Skies Investment Management.

Other Content Contributors

  • Rosalie Vendette, Engagement manager at Quinn+Partners
  • Stephen Kibsey, MBA, SIPC, Risk and Sustainable Investments Expert
  • Emmanuel N'Dri, MSC, ESG Researcher

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  • How much time will I need to dedicate to complete this course?

    Course will require minimum of 2 hours to complete and can take up to 6 hours of your investment if you decide to complete all the recommended readings.

  • What does the course include?

    Course consists of 90 minutes of on demand microlearning videos, integrated quizzes, and additional reading resources, if you wish to dive deeper into certain topics. Upon completion, Certificate of Participation will be issued.

  • Is there a deadline to complete the course?

    Students have up to 2 months from the enrollment date to complete the course.

  • I am not from a finance background, is this course a good fit?

    This course is covering the essentials of Sustainable Finance, and is built to be accessible for individuals with various backgrounds.

  • Do you offer group discounts?

    Yes. We offer special rates for enrollment of 5 individuals and more. We also provide course customization services to better meet specific employee training needs. Contact us at [email protected] for more details